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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

WebService Introduction

Web Service : A service that is made available over the web/network & accessible over the network.
And a service that is accessible/ provided over online/network that come under web service
E.g.: In Social Media Web Site we use that service to interact with friends, or in commerce web sites we use the service to purchase products.
So we can call them as web services

Difference b/w standard website & a web service?

Web Site is meant for human consumption.
Web Service is meant for code/application level consumption.

There are primarily two different types of web services
1) SOAP Web service
2) REST Web service

When coming to SOAP its older one and REST is new entry in web service world
Here we have 2 Specifications in Java World
1. JAX-WS is the specification for SOAP web service.
2. JAX-RS is the specification for REST web service.